11 Things YOU Can Do RIGHT NOW to Reduce Plastic in Our Environment

•Bring your reusable bags when you shop at supermarkets or other stores.

•Don’t buy or use water in single serving plastic bottles. Carry a reusable bottle, and for gatherings you host consider a pitcher of tap water.

•Ask for no straws in restaurants and fast food establishments. (You can buy stainless steel or edible straws online.)

•Choose products that come in cartons instead of plastic: such as laundry detergent, milk and other beverages.

•Reduce your use of plastic bags for produce, reuse bags you have, or buy reusable washable produce bags available online.

•Use aluminum foil or wax paper in place of plastic wrap.

•Reuse plastic containers whenever possible. Return plastic catering trays to the store where you got them.

•If you can’t reuse it, recycle it (here’s a guide to recycling in Pleasantville, also applicable elsewhere: pleasantvillerecycles.org/recycling.html

•Choose products with less packaging whenever possible.

•When you’re away from home bring your plastic containers home to recycle whenever possible. (Don’t use trash cans just because there’s no recycling bin.)

•Ask take-out restaurants to omit plastic tableware if you do not need it.